Online Videos

Many of you enjoy practicing in the comfort of your own space, which is why we create online videos to resource you in your healing journey.

In Person Classes

If you’re in the greater Nashville, TN area, we’d love to connect with you! Here are descriptions of the in person classes we offer.

Recovery Yoga

This class features recovery-focused meditations, breathing exercises and trauma informed yoga to support those healing from trauma, addiction, and similar mental health challenges.

Chronic Illness Yoga

This class focuses on helping to lessen the physical pain of trauma residing in the body through gentle movement and breath work.

Relaxation Yoga

This class helps you go from a state of stress and anxiety to a being of calm and peace through meditation and movements that promote relaxation in the mind, heart and body.

Christ-Centered Yoga

This class incorporates worship music, scripture and yoga that leads you to experience and express God’s love in new ways.

Body Image Yoga

This class exists to help improve your body image by using trauma informed yoga as a tool for holistic healing from low self worth to self harm and/or eating disorders.

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