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We create safe, trauma-informed yoga experiences that help you heal and thrive

Who We’ve Served

We’ve taught relaxing yoga experiences that promote self-care and curb burnout for nurses at Vanderbilt Hospital and counselors at The Atelier Inc.

We’ve provided restorative yoga experiences to support integration and healing at Gilda’s Club, Mending Hearts Inc. and Music City Interventions.

We’ve led Christ-centered yoga worship experiences for various church communities and during staff lunch breaks to support ministry leaders.

“Rebekah held a restorative yoga class for our counselor self care day and everyone absolutely loved the class. She was responsive to the sensitive nature of the trauma work our counselors do, and generously provided a safe space for them to express themselves. We can’t wait to have Rebekah back again!”

Stacey Lanier, LPC-MHSP

The Atelier Inc.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Experiences

What’s your next step?

Recovery Yoga

Recovery-focused experiences to support those healing from trauma, addiction, and similar mental health challenges

Chronic Illness Yoga

Yoga helps to lessen the physical pain of trauma residing in the body through gentle movement and breath work

Relaxation Yoga

Go from a state of stress and anxiety to a being of calm and peace with experiences that relax your mind, heart and body

Meet Your Guide

Rebekah Smith

When a friend introduced me to yoga in 2009, I did not know how vital it would be to my personal transformation and healing journey.

Since becoming a certified instructor in 2013, I find great joy in supporting other survivors by facilitating safe, trauma-informed yoga experiences that increase connection, peace and healing.

Relevant Trainings:

  • 225 Hr Hatha Yoga Instructor
  • Healing Trauma Through Yoga TCTSY E-Course
  • ACEs: The Basics and Beyond at OmniCare Institute
  • QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper Certified
  • International and Cross-Cultural Studies at Greenville University

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